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What should come first: rank or title?

I am writing a sci-fi saga. In it there are human psychics. These psychics live in a monastic-like organization called the Order of Psions.

In the Order members are given ranks: Acolytes (aka Apprentice), Templar, Master, etc.

Now if a psychic joins the regular military (EarthForce) they are enlisted to a special division of the military called Psi-Force and are also given a military rank (lieutenant, major, colonel, etc). Which should come first? Title or military rank? e.g.:

Lieutenant Templar Jones
Templar Lieutenant Jones
I was in the military. They just address Chaplains as that: Chaplain.
Psychics are only commissioned officers, so there would be no conflict such as “Master Master Sergeant” or the such.

I’ve always heard Horatio referred to as “Admiral Lord Nelson,” never “Lord Admiral Nelson.”

But since this takes place in a different reality, you can do what you want.

Anyhow, sound like a great saga idea. Good luck with the project…

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Earthforce! An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy 2nd Edition


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