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Craigslist Backhoe

I drove a Ingersoll Rand BL-275 and the transmission seemed to make a whining sound when moving forward?

It did not make this noise in reverse. This was a backhoe that I went to look at on Craigslist, and I do not own it. I was just wondering what might be causing the noise? I know that the transmission is hydrostatic. Thank you for looking.

Hydrostats are a little noisier than others, but since you noticed a difference between forward and reverse, says something’s not right. It could be a pump either cavitating from wrong hydraulic oil or filter plug up, or just wear. There should be a test port, on the control valve for hydraulic pressure, which you could monitor with a test gauge, looking for needle bounce when it’s under load and hot, with a noticeable jump. Unless the price is really great, think a bit before you purchase it, because these babies are a little pricey to overhaul. My question would be, why is it up for sale?

1970′s Backhoe

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