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Backhoe Operator Resume

heavy equipment operator resume sample?

my husband needs some help with the part where he writes the job description. He knows how to run a lot of the machinery but he just does not know how to write it so that it sounds attractive. Can someone give me some samples. Like he knows how to run the motor grader, loader, water truck, backhoe, bulldozer, rollers, and even knows traffic control.

If he is listing this for a past job on a resume:

ABC company, heavy equip operator
Able to safely and efficiently (make certain you insert those two words) operate the following pieces of equipment..and then list them.

If he writes a cover letter, he can use the same idea but list it as:
I have over ________years of experience in construction. My skills for safe operation of heavy equipment include but are not limited to:…and list them.

Hope that helps.

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