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backhoe costumes
backhoe costume for 3 year old?

okay so my 3 year old son is NOT GIVEING UP.. on this backhoe costume..i have searched and searched and not found any store bought or homemade backhoe costumes.. there was a bulldozer…but he said NO…must be a backhoe….HELP

get a picture of a backhoe, some cardboard, duct tape, rope, yarn, superglue, scissors, box cutter, and lots of paint. go to town with that stuff until you get it right.

JCB in the Savannah Bridge Run

Giraffe & Backhoe Set

Giraffe & Backhoe Set


Party hard hats with lights! One size fits most children….

Yellow Plastic Hard Hat Construction Cap

Yellow Plastic Hard Hat Construction Cap


Great for costumes, plays, or just imaginary play, this helmet is 100% adjustable and designed to fit most adults and children….
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